Saturday, April 12, 2008

Steel Trapp: The Challenge by Ridley Pearson

Steven “Steel” Trapp is a teenage genius that is headed to Washington, D.C. with his mother and faithful dog, Cairo, to participate in the National Science Challenge. Besides his science prowess, Steel is also blessed photographic memory—or it seems like a blessing until he sees a lady leave a briefcase behind on the train. Only trying to do the right thing, Steel rushes after her to return the briefcase, but the lady is adamant that the brief case is not hers, and leaves. Curious, Steel peers into the brief case by removing a leg from the bottom of the briefcase, wondering why the lady wanted to leave the case behind so badly. But after peeking into the briefcase, Steel wishes he could remove the images burned into his brain after seeing the briefcase’s contents. Unfortunately, that is impossible for Steel, and he, his dog, and a new girl he meets on the train, Kaileigh, are off for an adventure of their lifetime!

They’re tangled up in a case far larger and more complex than they could have known, as gang members, federal agents, and some unexpected acquaintances try to achieve their own ends, or prevent others from doing so. Will Steel and Kaileigh (and possibly Steel’s science invention) save the day? Or will the ingenious plan set in motion by the bad guys win and trump even the brilliant minds of the FBI, Marshalls, and Steel and Kaileigh?

Steel Trapp: The Challenge is geared towards a younger audience (some older readers may find it predictable at some turns) but this book would no doubt be a great action novel for younger kids. With several references to pop culture, this fast paced adventure with a smart hero and heroine team will appeal to fans of other action-packed novels, such as the Alex Rider series (with which this novel has several similarities)!

Recommended audience: advanced chapter book readers & ages 10+

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Ms. Yingling said...

This did have some predictable moments, but there are so many students who love Stormbreaker that I need all the decent spy books I can get! The boys seem to be enjoying it!