Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fire Fish by Davy Liu

Meet three young fish, Sarai, RaaOn, and Sesom, who live with their parents until one day when their mom and dad are whisked away by nets. Their parents quickly direct their three children to the Turtle Pool, telling them to ask for help there. Once there, a wise old turtle instruct the young fish to call upon the great Finmaker for help and guidance. Sarai, RaaOn, and Sesom eventually go exploring, but their curiosity leads them through dangerous waters as they ask the Finmaker to help them escape various dangers, such as hungry eels on their journey.

Eventually, these three fish make it to the Big Blue, a fabled paradise of the sea. But even as they’re there, will they ever see their parents again? They must keep their faith strong, as well as learning more about their new home.

Fire Fish
is a story of faith, with heavy religious symbolism and reference to the book of Exodus in the Bible. Fire Fish’s colorful illustrations and well written story will appeal to young readers and parents wishing to teach their children about faith, courage, and trust.

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